Outdoor Clothing

If you are an outdoorsy family, you need to invest in decent childrens waterproof clothing.

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These clothing should be carefully chosen to withstand the weather variations experienced from spring to autumn. Choice also depends on how often your children will be wearing the clothing.

Choosing the Colour

Shopping for children clothing ought not to be difficult especially if you know their preferences. Young kids tend to prefer bright colours. On the other hand, boys are more comfortable with blue colour whereas girls prefer pink. There is also a wider variation for colour preferences among girls. This notwithstanding, our selection includes amazing unisex clothes from top brands.

1. All in one Waterproof Raincoat

All in one coats happen to be some of the best clothing for children who go camping often. The fact that it comes as one piece means it has extra warmth suitable for the British climate. One piece clothes are the number one choice for parents with children going upcountry on school trips. Bright colours are a great choice as they are more visible during darker nights.

2. Reima Reimatec Aava Jackets

Originating from Finland, Reima jackets are becoming popular in the United Kingdom. Reima combines all the features you would look for in childrens waterproof clothing; heavy, waterproofing, and a detachable hood. Combine this with its attractive patterns and you get a reliable outfit for winter. Aava jackets are also light enough to be worn everyday while retaining their water-repelling properties.

3. Helly Hansen JR Jackets

Ask any diver in Norway and they will tell you how reliable HH is. With years designing jackets for work in the oceans, HH know much about keeping dry. Helly Hansen jackets are not only waterproof, they are also breathable and windproof. With the HH, children no longer require separate clothing for school runs and mountain walks.

4. Treton Kids set

If you hate the bulk look of most jackets then the Treton is a great alternative. With its weightless design, your children can enjoy play even during the cold months without feeling constricted. As the name suggests, Tretons feature a jacket, hood, and trousers. These clothes are made from lightweight, PVC-free PU with a sporty design that makes them a favourite among children.

5. Berghaus 3-in-1Waterproof Jacket

Berghaus jackets feature an adorable long, sleek design making them a good choice for cold weather. Their insides are lined up with a warm, cosy fleece adding to their general warmth. Crowned with a roll-away hood, the jacket is usable as a regular jacket or even a raincoat. Berghaus jackets come in a variety of colours most of which are gender-neutral.

6. The North Face Zipline Childrens Jacket

Nothing should go wrong with this long-established brand, and our tests are proof to this. Of all brands tested, North Face jackets rank high among the most comfy, breathable and waterproof. These clothes feature the distinctive dry vent technology making them waterproof even in the most extreme conditions. These jackets come in a variety of colours, including red, blue, and green.

The Verdict

Our testers fell in love with the Treton jackets for their appealing features. Simple, packable, and yet living to the test. Children no longer have to worry about the unforgiving weather, the feel of being in a cage or having to carry along a weighty bag. All in all, all of these childrens waterproof clothing are great outfits to keep your kids warm all the time.